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Written by: Mistr on April 4, 2018

Why guys should a take pre-shave oil more seriously

Aside from giving you the closest, smoothest shave of your life, a pre-shave oil is extremely beneficial to have handy. Here's why.

We know, the last thing you need is another step in your grooming routine. But if your shaves are a tad subpar – think nicks and a finish that’s not quite as close as you’d like – you may need to give your razor a helping hand.

The key here is enhanced glide and once you throw on a thin layer of oil, you’ll find your other shave products – be it gel, foam or cream – perform much, much better. At a pinch, you can always use a pre-shave oil in place of shaving cream if you run out.

Less is more here. Just four or five drops should be enough to prep your entire face and it has the bonus of adding some moisture.

If you suffer from a repeating rash from shaving and no matter what you do, it somehow seems to reappear, the added moisture here will help soothe, which your razored skin will appreciate.

One word of warning though – because of their emollient nature, oils can clog up razor blades and over time diminish their sharpness. Make sure you rinse them very well afterwards.

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