Written by: Mistr on December 20, 2019

Hardware upgrades

A new season calls for new gear

When the Apple iPhone 11 came out a few months ago, MISTR happened to be haggling on the phone with Optus about a ludicrous overseas phone bill. We say this only because there was a special section of the Telco – as in push 1 for the new iPhone – reserved just for this piece of hardware. Point is that when a new gadget comes out, we look for any way to wriggle out of a contract and are willing to pay a premium to get it.

And yet, when it comes to the items we use daily on our faces and bodies, we tend to stick with outdated technology that still does the job. But there is newer stuff out there which offer better results in less time. Here are the pieces we are investing in right now.

Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7300 electric toothbrush, $269, philips.com.au

Manual toothbrushes are for chumps. Your wrist simply can’t compete with the oscillations on offer here. We’re talking three speeds and three modes – clean, deep clean and gum health – plus a dedicated app that guides you through the optimum brushing routine.

Triple Black, $99, themistr.co

Should the budget not stretch upwards of a couple of hundred bucks, you’ll find a solid updated performer in the shape of this model who’s ergonomic, waterproof design makes it a worthy contender for your shelf.

Foreo Luna Play Plus skin cleaner, $75, mecca.com.au

In much the same way an electric toothbrush cleans plaque more effectively than a manual variety, this item should have been named Donald. Because it is a powerful little tool. Used in conjunction with your regular cleanser, it will leave your complexion free of the build up that can cause blemishes.

Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan, $499, dyson.com.au

Okay, this is not strictly a grooming item but with summer temps forecast to nudge the high 30s and maybe even the early 40s depending where you live, this desk or bedside machine will help keep you from sweating like OJ Simpson when a cop car drives by. Because too much perspiration does not only mean restless nights – a lack of sleep can result in sallow skin – it can also cause breakouts if your cleansing game isn’t on point.


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