Written by: Mistr on October 25, 2019

Desk drawer essentials

Avoid getting caught out at work with these grooming must-haves.

Along with stationary paid for by someone else, loyalty cards from lunch places you no longer go to and the business cards you lobbied hard for but haven’t used in the age of email, your desk drawer can be a grooming saviour. Especially if you’re not a morning person who drags themselves to the office in a daze having likely missed several steps in your grooming routine. Double especially if you were up late the night before binging whatever series Netflix just released, forgot to set the alarm and screeched into the building like Usain Bolt some nine seconds after hearing a gunshot. With the right arsenal, however, and a few prudent trips to the bathroom, you can actually look better than presentable for that presentation, WIP or after work drinks where you have to laugh at your boss’ jokes slightly louder than necessary.

Here is what you need tucked beside the stapler and spare mouse.

A serum to perk up your skin with powerhouse actives and moisture.
The Grey recover face serum – thegrey.com

An eye cream to fade away dark circles, cut back on puffiness and turn your bags into mere carry-ons.
The ordinary caffeine solution – theordinary.com

A coffee killing mouthwash.
Try Marvis Strong Mint Mouthwash – marvis.com

A blade you can use to shave dry without ripping your face to shreds.
Try Philips OneBlade – philips.com

A tonic that will help your body combat your desultory lifestyle.
BEAU by QT- qtforyou.com

A fragrance that will ensure that no one knows you didn’t have time to shower.
Raconteur Oil fragrance- the-raconteur.com

An antiperspirant to tame your man stank.
Mitchum Clinical – mitchum.com.au

A dry shampoo that will reinvigorate residual hair product and get rid of dirt plus odour.
Hanz De Fuko dry shampoo – hanzdefuko.com


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